Vietnam Reenactors, A Co. 1/7th Cav. 1st Cavalry Div. (Airmobile)




 Where to find Everything except Weapons

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Ebay          I really despise this site but they do have a lot of common and
                                                  hard to find items.


Moore Militaria            Great people to deal with and fast service!

                                                     Everything you need for your impression.


Fatigues Army Navy       Get your pin-on subdued rank here.

                                                                         Great prices!


Galaxy Army Navy             Exact repro type III Jungle Fatigues.

                                                                   ( keyword: vietnam )


Boonie Pup Studio's    Custom "in Country" made patches. Nice stuff.



PRC68                                 If you have a PRC 25 or 77 and can't find batteries,

                                                      this guy makes adapters. He also makes

                                                      adapters for your night vision equipment.




Weapon related

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Gunny's Surplus             Has M16 uppers and other M16 related items.


Old Sarge's Dropzone      Stripper clips, Chargers, re-packing kits etc.


NoDak Spud LLC         Want to build your own M16 variant?  Start here.                I have found some very good Colt SP1 deals here along

                                                       with other A1 configuration rifles.


Gun Broker                        Take your chances. Prices really vary.           They have a Classic Army, (airsoft) M16A1 that looks                                                     and feels like a REAL M16! Great for displays! 



 If you're looking to build an AR, look here

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Very Early AR pics             Some incredible pics of early AR builds,

                                                (thank you and it's contributors)             Great site for learning the differences between 

                                                                  the AR15/ M16 family of rifles.




 Research and Museum Links

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US Army Heritage Center        If you're looking to do Research, start here. 
PA Military Museum          Located in the heart of PA. Well worth the trip.