Vietnam Reenactors, A Co. 1/7th Cav. 1st Cavalry Div. (Airmobile)



Welcome to our "Policies Page".  Here you will find How and Why we do things the way we do.  This should answer a lot of your questions.


   Membership - You MUST pay your yearly dues to be considered an "active" member of the organization.  Dues are due by the last day of March. You are permitted to show up as a Guest for one, (1) event to kick the tires before you decide to join.  Some groups/ individuals are exempt from paying Dues. This is voted on by the Board and is based on certain criteria.  As a Member, you have full voting rights on what happens to and within the organization.  You may also hold a place on a board. Please do not join as a Reenactor if you don't want to reenact.If you are joining as a Reenactor, be prepared to attend at least two events per year. There is NO freelancing in this unit. You MUST be an Active Member in good standing to attend events. Insurance does not cover freelancing. New members are subject to a background check first time around.


   Jr. Membership - If you are 16 - 17 years old, you can join as a Jr. Member. Jr. Members CANNOT use real weapons and MUST come on as an MP. Once you turn 18, you my switch MOS or job within the unit. Also, Jr. Members may NOT stay overnight at events unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.


   Conduct - You are always expected to act in a military manner when in uniform. On duty or off.  Enough said.


   Assignment - When you become a member, you will be assigned to a Squad with a Squad Leader.  He/ she is your point of contact.  In a field environment, you will receive all your info/ orders from them.  Likewise, if you have a situation, report it to the Squad Leader and it will go as high as it has to to get resolved.  Out of the field you will receive info from the POC of the event.

When you are assigned to a Squad, you will also be assigned a position within the Squad. THAT IS YOUR JOB FOR ALL TACTICALS, (situations subject to change).  Displays, you can represent how you want to represent, (as long as it's within the 1st Cav. or attached units).


    Rank - First of all, Rank doesn't mean squat!  Don't get wrapped around the axle about it.  You will enter the unit anywhere from an E-1 to E-3, (depending on experience).  On certain rare occasions, you may come in at a higher rank depending on reenacting experience, military experience or the needs of the unit.  Promotions are on a "needs of the unit" basis.  Depending on growth, you may be the same rank for an extended length of time.  Again, it's only for structure and we can't have an entire unit of Sergeants.  How realistic is that?


   Weapons - When you are assigned a position within the squad, that position has a particular weapon that goes with it.  Carry what you're supposed to carry.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

M16's - The two correct types of rifles that the 1/7th used for the time period we represent are the M16E1 or the M16A1 in a Colt Grey color.  Colt SP1's are always allowed but if you have a retro build, it MUST be approved before use.  M16A2's or AR15A2"s are NEVER permitted.  Full automatic weapons are not permitted at all events.  Make sure you check before you bring them.  If you have any questions about the types of M16's, please visit our links page.

XM177 and it variants - These weapons are authorized for carry by the Unit Commander.

M14's and Shotguns - M14's, (or model 700 military bolt action) will be carried by the Company Sniper(s) only!  Shotguns may be carried in the field according to the tactical situation, (as determined by the one's in charge of the event).

You are NOT permitted to carry a REAL weapon at ages 16 & 17.

Even though we use REAL weapons in the unit, there are occasions that a replica or airsoft weapon maybe required/ needed. This MUST be authorized/ requested by your chain of command before one can be used/ brought to an event.

Weapons MUST be in good working order/ condition and not poise a danger to yourself or other individuals.


Vets are our number one priority!  Loyalty to the unit is next.  We work as a team and NOT as individuals. We are a well run Organization and that's what we are known for. We get invited to bigger and bigger events every year. If you have been accepted to be in this Organization that means we believe you can make this Organization better than it was before. Thank you for ALL your support!

  More to follow!